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  • chris and chris
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    A cause close to the heart of Chris, our founder. Through our contact with the homeless, sadly all too often we come across someone that has served their country and suffered...
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  • Featured Causes
    The Street Care Project is an initiative of StreetMed Inc. to provide first aid kits, solar powered torches, solar powered radios and a level of care to the homeless and at...
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  • off road response
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    Since StreetMed started, our team of dedicated volunteers have been using their own private vehicles to bring the first aid supplies and support equipment to our patrons. Each day before shift...
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    Its amazing the sheer number of first aid supplies we go through each week! Everything from bandages and swabs through to cotton buds and antiseptic creams. Funds donated to this cause will...
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Story About Us

Who are we?

StreetMed Inc. provides street level first aid, mental health and advocacy for the homeless and at risk in Western Sydney, bringing together charities with the common goal of helping society’s forgotten and neglected, providing mental health and physical first aid as well security and dignity. We achieve this through successful partnerships with like-minded people and organisations.

Did you Know?

On an average shift we see 20-30 patrons, many of which get their Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Levels checked.
This results in the StreetMed team using:
  • 20-30 gloves
  • 20-30 Accu-Chek Performa BGL testing strips
  • 20-30 Safe-T-Pro Plus Lancets
  • 20-30 Bandaids

Our team of dedicated volunteers are on the streets, providing our valuable service, 5 times a week, not including the off-shift emergency callouts during the week. Thats a lot of gloves, testing strips and bandaids!

Can you help?

What we do

We need your help

Its not just blankets and food that the homeless need

The StreetMed board members are the steering force of our organisation, StreetMed has 6 exceptional people who govern who we are and what we do, making sure at all times that we are completely compliant with all legislation and governing bodies and that StreetMed as a not for profit organisation is completely transparent with all our under takings and the things we deal with.

Our team of dedicated volunteers come from all walks of life and every single person brings a specific skills set that enhances who we are and what we do. We have been incredibly blessed to have been able to assemble such a highly motivated and amazing team of people.

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StreetMed provides a variety of services to the homeless, and in doing so, we need specific products from our support partners.

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