StreetMed Dedicated Vehicle

Not all rough-sleepers camp beside highways, well-lit streets and car-parks.
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12295275_936240133119402_3984622644577745694_nSince StreetMed started, our team of dedicated volunteers have been using their own private vehicles to bring the first aid supplies and support equipment to our patrons. Each day before shift we unload our private lives from our cars and bundle in the tubs of first aid supplies, chairs, tables, blood pressure equipment and blankets, often balancing them on the front seats because our cars just aren’t big enough. Our volunteers dip into their own pockets for the registration, insurance and petrol they use to bring our services to those that need us.

Our goal for this cause is to purchase, register, insure, retro-fit and stock a dedicated StreetMed Dedicated Vehicle (SDV) to take our services and supplies to those that need it most.

Not all rough-sleepers camp beside highways, well-lit streets and car-parks. In fact, not many do. Rough-Sleepers camp where they can make the most of whatever natural shelter they can find, which means the SDV needs to be a 4WD to enable us to get to them. Inside the SDV we’ll install racks to securely and safely transport the first aid supplies and support equipment we need to provide to our patrons.

As a thank you to you, our supporters, we are more than happy to provide signage opportunities on the SDV for sizeable donations to this worthwhile cause. just one of an unknown number of homeless people living in severe isolation in caves and makeshift camps in one of Australia’s most celebrated natural beauties – the Blue Mountains.

The vast majority are men suffering with chronic mental health problems along with drug or alcohol dependence and potentially fatal physical illnesses.