Chris Cleary named The Hills Woman of the Year

The Hills Woman of the Year Chris Cleary received her award from US Consul General Valerie Fowler and The Hills mayor Yvonne Keane.
Chris Cleary wins Woman of the Year 2017

Chris Cleary named The Hills Woman of the Year

“It was a complete shock,” Ms Cleary said after she received the award.

StreetMed set up stands in western Sydney where  homeless people can go to get their blood pressure and blood sugar levels checked.

The organisation also assists homeless people suffering from physical and mental health, and advocates for them by taking them to places where they can get treatment.

Ms Cleary hopes the award can raise the profile of her organisation, which has not received any government funding.

“I started (StreetMed) because no one else was doing it,” Ms Cleary said.

“We get people queuing up to see us. They come to us first because they know they will get the care they need.”

Read the full story from the Hills News here.

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